Baja California, Mexico

Welcome to The Special Event Sketch


My name is Brian Kelly, I am a one man company specializing in the creation of presentational renderings for use in event proposals for destination management companies. Based in San Diego, I whip up sketches for clients such as Hello Las Vegas (and its sister branches in Florida, Arizona, Texas and DC), 360 Destination Group nationwide, Sky Events in LA and several event producers here in San Diego.  I evolved to this specialty from  a career based in designed scenery for theater which led to television in New York.  One day I was contacted by famed event guru Preston Bailey who was looking for someone with that background,  I stayed with Preston for five years serving on his design staff as the rendering artist.  I have since relocated to California where I worked for various event companies and ultimately became freelance working for many such companies.  For more info on my past endevors please visit my other web site at


My process is this: I receive the details of a specific event from the designer, usually with a destination management company. This includes the venue details, the design elements, the lighting scheme and the entertainment.  Often they just forward their proposal to me where all these things are itemized with photos.  I then digest all this info and follow up with a phone call to go over it to make sure I’m clear and have a solid vision in my mind’s eye.  From there it’s off to the races. Turn around time is usually no more than one day per sketch.  

In most cases I create a floorplan with Illustrator as my first step which I send off to the client for approval before beginning the sketch.  The renderings I produce with Photoshop. I send the work to the client in the form of a jpeg, I have a photoshop file where each element of the sketch is in its own layer to make changes quick and easy.  My clients are usually happy with the first draft though.