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Welcome to The Special Event Sketch



You should have seen the excitement when you sent those renderings through. THANK YOU! 

Kiersten L. Olson  DMCP, Regional Sales Manager , PRA Nashville


I cannot believe you did them that fast! WOWWWWWW 😊 😊 😊 

Amy F. Nathanson Senior Experience Designer , PRA Nashville

Love it! Thank you!

Kim Oddo Account Manager, Florida, 360 Destination Group

This is great!!! Thanks Brian! 

Maura O’Donnell Account Manager, Orlando, 360 Destination Group 

Looks awesome, thank you so much! 

Michele Dresner Account Manager, Florida, 360 Destination Group

Ahhh this looks awesome! 

Thank you so much! 

Megan Malloy Experience Designer , AlliedPRA Las Vegas

LOVE it!!

PATTI PARRISH-MADDALONI, CMP, MC&A National Account Executive

These are awesome. Really tells the overall story of the event. Thanks … and Brian-amazing.

PASCALE KANAAN, MC&A Manager, Creative Solutions

You’re wonderful

Holly Loulan, MC&A Senior Event Designer & Producer, US East

Perfect! Thank you

Rachel Matsukawa Event Designer, Hello! Las Vegas Destination Management